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Improve wellbeing / increase productivity!

Companies are increasingly seeing the benefits of yoga. Offering weekly classes or wellness days has been shown to help reduce work-related stress equalling happier and healthier teams.  Whether you are looking to include regular yoga sessions into your corporate programs or looking to treat your team to a wellness day - contact me below to discuss further.

Just as each person has individual needs, I acknowledge that every business is different. As a result, I will tailor a specific class to suit your needs.

A few of the benefits include:


Improved decision making and creativity

Increased energy, mental alertness, and clarity

Improved morale, job satisfaction, and positive thinking patterns

Teaches individual stress management

Improved immune system

Improved breathing 

Increased productivity, motivation, and work performance

Improved memory, focus and concentration

Reduced muscle tension and pain 

Prices start from £50 per one hour session.

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