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Choosing your yoga mat - 5 of the best!

Maybe you're looking to start yoga and are a little unsure where to begin in terms of choosing a mat! ...or perhaps you want to take your practice more seriously and you'd like to treat yourself to an upgrade. Either way, I've put together this blog to share the yoga mats I believe to be the best (that I have come across), for varying levels and budgets - panic not, the price tags decrease as the list goes down!

  1. LIFORME (Signature) - £100

Starting with my own personal favourite! This mat has been my go to for a couple of years now, I love it! Super grippy but soft, helpful alignment detail, comes in lots of colours and is really long lasting. It does however come with a hefty price tag at £100! That said, if you're looking to invest in your practice, you won't regret choosing this mat. I've used mine pretty much everyday for the past couple of years and it's still going strong! Also eco friendly and they throw in a mat bag with an adjustable strap. A mat for the serious yogi who is willing to invest.

2. OLIE (Elements) - £79 Initially when I saw the Olie mat advertised I wasn’t convinced, as they were fairly new on the scene and for some reason I didn't expect much. The price tag was also quite high and did I want to risk trying another mat? However, a friend had the Moon phases design and I gave it a try. Ok, so it was pretty lovely, grippy and nicely spongy too – great on the knees and the designs are beautiful. I prefer the look of them over Liforme. I was recently gifted the ‘Elements’ mat and it's great. It comes with a cotton jute drawstring bag so no strap but nice to have something to pop it in at least. One for the yogi willing to splurge on a quality mat with an aesthetic draw!

3. YOGI BARE (Extreme Grip) - £68 I don’t own a Yogi Bare mat but I have practiced on one! The grip is awesome. Loads of funky designs/colourways to choose from too (including a FLOW ocean themed one!) but sadly no bag. You have to buy a carry strap separately. It can be a bit on the stinky side when it arrives - it soon wears off. All beautifully eco friendly from a business with awesome values and very popular across social media. A mat for the yogi who loves a sustainable eco brand.

Buy here. 4. LULULEMON (The Reversible Mat) - £58 I first came across this brand in Australia years ago. Clothing, accessories etc I love them all. Granted, the leggings in particular aren’t cheap so usually I’m saving my pennies for just a few select items a year. The mats are silky soft just like their clothing and two sided so you can switch them up! No mat bag unfortunately but the straps are sold separately on the site. Oh and they’re grippy too. A pretty reasonable price for Lululemon and for those on more of a budget but want quality.

5. YOGA MATTERS (Sticky Mat) - £22 All my students use these mats, I have a big pile of them at home! They have a decent grip, very good value for money and come in lots of different colours. They’re nicely cushioned too. You can’t go wrong with a Yoga Matters mat if you’re new to yoga or your budget is lower ...and they seem to last fairly well!

I hope that brief round-up was useful! For me, comfort and not injuring myself is paramount. I'd always say invest in as much as you can afford. If you have any questions, just message me!




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